First Look: Recent Medium Format Film

Nearly a year ago I went to an old camera shop to grab some polaroid film for my friends land camera and I walked out with six rolls of medium format film and a Yashica D. It has been so amazing working with film after seeing the trend of moving back towards making digital look like film with film emulation programs, like VSCO and their iphone/android program VSCOcam, and being able to compare both of them.

I did a bunch of work for Aaron Strumpel with my Yashica and have been shooting a lot on it recently. I just got 168 scans back from Indie Film Lab and will be sharing them with you soon but wanted to post one now. 

Here’s a shot of my friend, the one and only, Sean Berry. Photographer, adventurer, and rad dude. Can’t wait to see what he and the rest of the On Location Collective captured on their trip to Yosemite. 

More soon,