Montana With Backpacker Magazine

My 3:00am alarm came pretty early one morning in June and any other morning I would have hastily hit the snooze and rolled over. But this was the morning my good buddy Andy Zenz and I were headed to Montana with Backpacker Magazine. 

A few months earlier Andy and I entered the Backpacker Magazine contest  and after a ton of voting support we were chosen by the Backpacker editors.  After a crazy day of travel with a few big delays we got to our motel just after midnight and started prepping for our 4-day backpacking trip in Glacier National Park.

Oh gosh, where to start. I think one could describe Glacier National Park as “exceeds expectations”. The amount of diversity we saw in the one small section of the park we explored was amazing. We hiked valley fields, crossed huge rivers by suspension bridge, explored waterfalls, made our way through dense forests, camped next to lakes shadowed by peaks, and saw tons of wildlife. One of the interesting things about GNP is that you had to camp in designated group sites, whereas I'm generally used to trying to get my group as far from others as possible.